3 things to know about PING's new driver

Stephen Burridge

05 February 2024


We’ve got some exciting things planned for the year ahead, among them having PING’s fantastic new driver ready for purchase in our shop! We’d love to walk you through all the tech in person, so why not book a custom fitting with us?

Last year gave us the release of the PING G430 drivers, so say hello to the G430 MAX 10K! There’s a lot to unpack with this fantastic golf driver, but today we’re going to give you three solid reasons why this club is one to get really excited about.


1. G430 Max 10K Looks

PING G430 Max 10K Driver

When you first inspect the G430 MAX 10K driver you’ll be turning it over in your fingers, appreciating all the fine details. The colour palette is a sleek black with silver panels running across the head’s undercarriage.

The PING brand name appears near the back of the sole, and the name of the club appears in green highlights on the toe. The crown looks fantastic and has a chequered carbon fibre surface. Similar green highlighting skirts around the perimeter of the Carbonfly wrap. On top of the face are alignment ridges that point towards the center of the clubface.

The face features slightly slanted grey and silver alignment lines that point diagonally inwards to the very central sweet spot. The polished silver clubface is an looks very solid, all together PING have created a clubhead that looks subtle at first but the more you take in the more fun details reveal themselves to you.


2. G430 Max 10K Feel


It looks good, but does it feel good? Well the answer is yes, yes it does. This golf driver has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip that will give you a superb hold over your club.

Part of why this club feels so light and efficient is PING having engineered the crown to be lighter, and therefore better distribute weight. This even spread of weight allows you to make more fluid golf swings, and ultimately make better connection with the ball.

PING appreciates that a strong sound improves our confidence. Sound is less muted in this driver, and as a result it’s louder than the G430 Max, giving you a truly powerful sensation at impact. If you take this club to the range, you’ll really notice how great it feels and sounds when you make good contact.


3. G430 Max 10K Tech


It should go without saying that a golf driver is only as good as the tech it’s made of, and PING has made the G430 MAX 10K with the latest cutting-edge advancements.

PING are pushing this driver to the limits, giving me what should be the optimum performance.

As we’ve already hinted at, a big part of what makes this driver feel so solid is the Carbonfly wrap crown. This feature really wraps the top and bottom of the club together and weighs just 13g, giving you better launch off the tee.

There’s a fixed 28g backweight on the sole that similarly offers exceptional launch. This backweight substantially lowers the overall center of gravity, and help contribute to what’s PING’s most forgiving driver to date.

We can’t overlook the impressive face on this club. The face is thinner than the other G430 drivers and has been optimized for flexing, this process enables you to have a more forgiving contact and faster ball speeds. PING have incorporated Spinsistency, a variable roll radius into the clubface to give you an extra boost in distance too.

All the tech works in this driver, and you’ll feel good when you’re standing over the ball too. This is PING’s biggest driver head profile to date, and the noticeably large size helps set you in the mindset that you’re going to strike it true.


G430: A family of five golf drivers

Every golfer has a unique ability, and every golfer has a unique swing. With this in mind, PING has created five separate G430 golf drivers, all made with a specific kind of player in mind.

We’ll start be reiterating the G430 Max driver. This club is ideal for players that are looking to build up their consistency off the tee. The 3-position tungsten backweight can be adjusted to give you a fade, draw, or neutral shot selection.

The G430 SFT has built in draw mechanics to help you combat your shot shape if you play with a natural fade. The face, internal rib structure, and backweight all contribute to PING’s ‘Straight Flight Technology’ driver.

The low-spin model in the range, the G430 LST driver will help give you excellent distance if you happen to have a faster swing speed. Also, the head has been engineered to ensure added forgiveness regardless of your ability.

As the name implies, the G430 High Launch is designed to help you reach towering heights off the tee. This ultralight driver is very wieldy, and each component from the head to the shaft and grip contributes to a very light build. An excellent choice for players with slower swing speeds.

As we’ve covered already, G430 MAX 10K is PING’s latest entry in the range and will have you hitting it straighter than ever before. With unprecedented levels of MOI, You’re in for some very accurate striking with this club.

If you’re thinking of kickstarting your 2024 with a new golf driver, why not pop by the pro shop? When you come for a custom fitting, we’ll be able to take a look at your ability and how you approach the ball. We’ll then get you kitted up with appropriate gear so you can take your game to the next level.

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